Best SUVs 2017

With 2017 just two months away, the hype that has been created for the vehicles coming out next year cannot be ignored.

Especially, the SUVs of 2017 have been the talk of the town all throughout this year; maybe because auto manufacturers are planning of taking the SUV game a notch further, as if the current level isn’t oh-so-great. The reason why the upcoming SUVs are much awaited is because of the fact that more considerations are being evaluated in order to make a SUV more luxurious as well as durable. Though, in today’s time, SUVs are more of a status symbol used by successful people to maintain a specific kind of image in their social circles.

Let's take a look at some of the most awaited luxurious SUVs, which are in pipeline at the current moment.

Jaguar F-Pace:

Created from an aluminum skin, this F-Pace is set to be launched as one of the first ones from the lot of sport utility vehicle. It is set to come with a longitudinally mounted 3.0 liters supercharged V6 engine which can offer power up to 340 hp. Due to the stretched wheelbase which ranges to 111.6 inches, the interior of this SUV will be extremely spacious. The engine of this Jaguar is going to work along with an eight speed automatic gear and is priced a bit over $50,000.

Porsche Cayenne GTS:

Debuting in 2017, this SUV is definitely going to take your breath away with its outer classiness and comfy interior built. It has a 14-way power reclining back and front seats so you can easily go on long road trips on it without getting tired or stiff backs. It has a built in sports exhaust, sued leather upholstery and tinted taillights along with an interior which can be personalized according to the individual requirements of the customers. Aided with 18” alloy wheels and a power steering, the Porsche Cayenne GTS is priced at $97,000.

Ford Explorer XLT:

Priced at $54, 180; this XLT has a 290 horsepower, four cylinder V-6 turbo charged engine. With awesome steering wheel audio and cruise control as well as a reliable hands free audio and smart phone interface, this SUV is expected to be highly admired by the tech freaks that’re always on the go with phones in their hand and Bluetooth devices stuck to their ears. For long routes, this SUV comes with second and third row split folding bench seats, so that bigger families can fix in with ease. The interior itself is gorgeous with a darkened exterior trim and leather and suede front bucket seats.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk:

For those who have tons of rough road trips to take care of, this SUV is definitely the one for them but this in no way means that it doesn’t meet the requirement of alignment and safety. With a combination of modified suspension and large tires on the outside, the interior is comparatively very sharp yet welcoming and has a red cosmetic design. The final bid for the TrailHawk is expected to go up to $40,000.